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Back from Bali!
Back from my long awaited holiday from Bali!
Really like this island where we have thoroughly enjoyed the Balinese friendliness and their excellent services.
I was seriously curious how others always muse about how fun was Bali..
But I understand and you will definitely not regret that you have made the trip there.. =)

Bali Day 1
We travelled in the morning flight via Air Asia. Despite of the bad reviews that I've read about this airline, the entire 2 hr 20min plane ride to Bali was really quite comfortable and ok. Nothing to really complain about. =)

Around noon time upon reaching Bali, the staff from the villa came to fetch us. Unfortunately, the villa van had broke down but the staff smoothly arranged a taxi ride to bring us to the villa.

Our villa was located in Seminyak, it was a rather good location to travel out to places like the nearby Kuta Beach and main shopping areas of Kuta.

The villa we stayed was rather unique..
Double storey with a small kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom upstairs..
It had doors that allows us to jump quickly in the pool.

And of course, the first thing that we did after unpacking was to jump in the pool for a quick swim.

Seminyak villa.

And later, off we went exploring Kuta - a buzzling place for shopping, dining & beach activities like windsurfing.
It's interesting to see lots of tourists chose to rent their own scooters and cars to travel around this dense city. However, I still think it's better to just flag a cab as and when you need than rent a bike where you have to worry about parking.
Sunset at the beach was magnificent where you see streaks of different colours as the sun sets. Lots of pubs line the side of the long beach, it's a great place to chill out and enjoy the sunset.
And of course, being Singaporeans, we love to shop. After dinner, we headed down to Billabong sale in Kuta where Dimple Boy had been eyeing on the flier obtained from the airport. Sales are pretty good and lots of stuffs are discounted by a lot.

Main areas of Kuta and the beach.

Bali Day 2
One of the wonderful ways to visit Bali is to join the 40km downhill mountain cycling tour where the guides will bring us to cycle through the little villages.

Given the mountainous roads of Bali are really almost always single-laned, with traffic, people, even dogs lying in the middle of the roads, it was really a challenge for me. But no doubt about it, it worth the effort because where else better to catch glimpses of the beautiful terrains and village life.

The cycling company was really good as they had looked after us really well. All cycling essentials were provided - cycling helmets, bikes, mineral water. There was even a van and a truck with spare bikes following after us as we cycled through all the way. The tour ended with a sumptuous Balinese lunch at the restaurant owned by this cycling company. Thumbs up for Bintang Tours!

View from cycling trip.

Bali Day 3
We stayed in the Nandini villa within the mountainous area of Ubud on 3rd day.
This place was rather nice with the resort staffs who are thoughtful and sincere.
Our villa overlooks the jungle with the Agung river at the bottom of the resort.

Ubud Villa.

As the villas were built on the mountain side, we had to take the gondola to travel up and down the resort..


It was interesting that this resort had jacuzzi was actually filled with the spring water from the ground. And at night time underneath the starry skies, we even caught sight of the fireflies within the rice fields of the villages just right in front of the villa reception.

It's really wonderful because you will never see all of these in Singapore.

Exploring the resort.

Bali Day 4
We were up for more adventures - Climbing Mt Batur.
For this trip, we had to set off with the arranged transport at 2.45am. The resort staff were nice enough to pack us 2 big boxes of breakfast, and even offered to toast us the breads in the wee hours of the morning.

We reached the base camp around 4am and had a local trekking guide to bring us up the mountain. Trekking up the rocky paths really in almost in darkness and a torchlight was really essential. Seriously, this trek was rather difficult but luckily I had the trekking guide and the "drinks" boy to help me up all the way. It had never felt so good to reach the top of the mountain.

It was quite cute that there was a simple shack on top of the mountain that sells drinks and food. All trekkers were all huddled up in this tiny shack for warmth as we all waited for the sun to rise.
It was unfortunately that the weather started to drizzle a bit and was cloudy. We only managed to catch a little bit of the sunrise. A check on the temperature also showed that it was 10 degrees up in the mountain. Poor Dimple Boy wore just a simple jacket and bermudas for trekking and he was really freezing all the way at the top. Luckily, I chose to wear a jacket with tights under track pants. At least, I was a little warmer than him. For those interested to climb in future, a woollen cap and gloves are highly recommended to be brought for warmth.

Our trekking guide brought us to a small vent where hot air escapes. The heat was really enough to de-thraw our frozen hands. The power of earth is really amazing.

It was really too bad that the crater was shrouded in clouds due to the bad weather and we were not able to catch sight of the steam that escapes from the crater. Such a pity..

Overall, Mount Batur was still an easy climb compared to the other mountains in Bali and we made it down the mountain before 9am.

Mount Batur.

On top of Mount Batur.

After our trek, we proceeded to Ubud Center to experience the sights and sounds of the local life.

Ubud Center.

Bali Day 5
Back to Singapore!

Overall, this is really a good trip and of course, the most extreme sports holiday I ever had. Really like the mix of adventures and sufficient time for relaxing.

Hope to plan more of such holidays in future! =)

Monday, July 13, 2009
2Kisses pour moi
+ + +

This is one of the rare days that I've remembered about my blog..
Something which I've not updated in a very long while.
And why have I thought of it today?
Because I'm finally on a 2 weeks break!

The first half of year had just passed in a whiz..
Looking back, my days are just mainly spent mostly on working and studying.
Barely had time to just think about anything else..

So what's up for my 2 weeks of break?
1. Bali trip with Dimple boy..
Really looking forward to visit this island, lounge by the pool in my shades, trek up the volcano, and basically do nothing much..
2. Clean up my wardrobe.. So I can go GSS? =P
3. Read more books..
4. Bring Hiro out for more frequent walks..
5. Exercise more!

These are really things that you do not have the luxury of time to do so as you grow older having to deal with the hustle and bustle of life.

That's why it's important to stop and breath the roses once in while.. Recharge the mind.

Will be back to update about my bali trip!

Btw, here's my doggie saying HI!

Sunday, July 05, 2009
0Kisses pour moi
+ + +

You believe in luck?
I think I do..
Have been feeling rather down from the very "not" lucky feeling..
Not to say I've been in luck in the past or what..
It's just I've not had my peaceful day in this week.
And today is the one day that I've really felt like blogging in a long time..
If the need to be accurate, yes, I need to rant off to my heart's content.
I really think "unlucky-ness" finds you, and you just can't find it..

--Illustration of 1 Perfect scenario--
On this super packed day, after waiting for like 6 trains to pass which after you finally squeezed onto the freaking crowded train, you are just contented to find a spot at a corner in the train. Suddenly the train jerked, people stumbled to find their balances. And you felt a sharp pain in your right feet. Why? That's because a lady just stepped right in the middle of your feet in her high heels. She apologised. You know that it really isn't her fault, but your feet is really just damn painful and yes, of course a little injured by the accident. You consoled yourself and tell yourself the day will be better.

Just before alight the train, a fellow passenger leaned towards you and mumbled something. Not comprehending, you went "huh?". The fellow passenger said again, "You forgot to button up".. And she was referring to my blouse. *Sighs* I can only say "Damn suay" at this point in time. Lucky thing was that I wore extra top inside the blouse..

All these just happened on a morning.
Tell me am I suay or not. =(

Many other things still happened in this week.
Note that the date I'm posting is only Thursday.
Like getting increasing unwanted "invitations" at work..
Work blips.. Which I want to knock my own head for these happening.

At this moment, I really feel tired.
Tired of everything. =(

Thursday, October 23, 2008
3Kisses pour moi
+ + +

The Review.
A chapter in my life has closed.
And another chapter is just about to begin..
Feeling totally thrilled and curious at what kind of environment it is.
Whatever it offers, I hope that another level of professional maturity awaits me.
Just almost half a year into 2008 has summed up to have been quite a year with my personal wishes and aspirations in action.
Really would like this kind of continuous improvements in life, at least for the next few years..
Doing things that excites and invigorates me.
Cuz I believe dreams are meant to be lived.. =)

Saturday, June 21, 2008
0Kisses pour moi
+ + +

Hello I'm back! Haven't blogged in ages.. Hehe..

Yes yes.. I'm guilty of laziness and mainly tiredness which I've no idea why I'm always walking around like a panda even after my efforts to rest early. Coffee don't even seemed to help much after noon time. =P

This week has been a wonderful break. Finally attended my 1st 3 days of ICPAS course with Sunflowergal. It's another 2 more days to go next week which after an exam will follow. Feels kinda good to be a "student" again after so long. Just listening lecturers crapping and copying notes is quite fun once in a while.

Someone which I can't remember exactly due to my bad memory who asked me what bad points my dimple boy has? I thought and thought.. Conclusion is don't think have leh. I think I'm really very happy with him. =) But I bet it's the reverse if the question is posted to him. Predicted answers are poor memory, messy and whiny. Haha. =P

My little son, Hiro, is becoming cuter as the days passed. At times, he's really like a little boy in reality. His favourite activities are to beg for food with his adorable "Please give me some food" look, to initiate roll overs and demand for sayangs, perform stunts only when doggie biscuits are in sight and of course, to sleep under the curtains which I've no idea why. Heh..

My son salivating over food.. =P

Shall stop here for now.. Time to sleep! So long till my next blog. Hehe..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
0Kisses pour moi
+ + +

Left or Right?
I must have woke up from the wrong side of my bed.
Maybe it's the heat during the uncomfortable hot night.
Everything just seemed so not smooth today.
Well, not going to share the details..
Because I feel like I've done enough whining to the people around me.
When I'm one who shuns people with negative energies..
Cuz I really do feel sick of being such a pain.
Time to pause and think logically..
Maybe I should just go and sleep instead.

Monday, April 14, 2008
0Kisses pour moi
+ + +

Bonne Annivarsaire Hiro!
Can't resist to post this photo of my favourite boy up.. =)
He's finally 1 year old!

Well, this naughty boy of mine arrived in my home after capturing my heart in the Serangoon neighbourhood last year end. I could still remember this silly furkid trembling with fear when he first stepped into my home. Amazingly, he stood at the same spot for an hour plus. Even though he was so frightened and tired, he almost fell asleep standing. Haha.. Oh well, he's so used to us now and living the life of a King. Commanding attention and begging food treats with those cute eyes and big nose of his.

Last night, nice Dimple boy brought us out to doggie cafe @ balestier with his young adorable niece and nephew. It was quite funny to see the 2 kids go gagging over Hiro. He must have felt never more popular than yesterday. =P

Ordered a green tea cake and some lamb cubes for Hiro. Despite that his favourite meat was there, he didn't actually eat much after being dragged around for quite a bit. Poor thing. Heh. But, I really think he enjoyed the attention from the kids though..

My baby in Hip-hop outfit..

P.s. Pls mind the hairy leg tho.. Unintentional. Not mine either. Haha.

Anyway, wanna thank my Dimple boy for making this memorable trip happen. =)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
0Kisses pour moi
+ + +

Time wonderfully flies..
It's a happy 1st month with my darling. =)
Again. I'm the forgetful girlfriend who never remembers anything.
It's him who is the thoughtful and romantic boyfriend who wished me.
I guess I've learnt not to expect anything from anyone else.
Hence, the sweetness doubles when I realised his efforts for me.
Really do feel very blissful now..

Sunday, March 02, 2008
0Kisses pour moi
+ + +

Really feeling happy nowadays.. =)
Dimple boy gave me a pleasant surprise on Friday.
Sweet him picked me up at my far-away workplace.
While I was expecting to find an empty passenger seat, I found this lovely bouquet of pinkie roses instead..
Was really surprised by this sweet thought of him.
And guess what..
He finally did asked the question that I really wanted to hear.. =)
We headed to Siglap area for Japanese food dinner and strolled around the area..
Even though it was raining, just strolling and cuddling together under the umbrella all made it the more romantically memorable.
Dimple boy popped another surprise again.. Mid-night shows tickets to the movie, Sweeney Todd.
It just amazes me that how this guy's really full of surprises..
It's exciting.. =P
Feeling blessed and happy that I found my angel..
The angel that sends the flutters in my heart when everytime I see him.
I'm a lucky girl.. =)

Sunday, February 03, 2008
2Kisses pour moi
+ + +

Life's so strange sometimes.
Maybe it is that when you don't expect anything much, things just turn for the better.
Feeling blessed that this sweet guy dropped into my life. Somehow.
Starting to really like his presence now.. =)

Sunday, January 20, 2008
0Kisses pour moi
+ + +

Why is it that my heart seem to skip a beat that easily?
Maybe nothing yet holds me down..
It seems like just one after another.

We sat down at this odd grass patch of LaSalle and chatted really late into the night.
It's been really quite sometime since I had such conversations of heart-to-heart.
If I hadn't looked sleepy, it felt like he would have wanted to chat on longer into the night..
It's so fast that we met up again today, just exploring part of Sg that we never knew and playing silly arcade games that I hadn't played like ages ago.
It's kinda cute to see this big guy pouting his mouth when he genna suan-ed.
Something that I have never seen before until today.

He's a fun person and the companionship feeling was just great.
His initial frivolous air seemed to have strangely dissipated.
He possesses an air of steadfastness that dangerously allures..
And wiser in actual..

Such thoughts frets me..
But it's just amazing that we went out for like 14 hours alone over 2 days..
And I don't know what to make out of it.
Cuz nothing good ever seems to have realised.
I might just be thinking too much again.
I want to twist my fingers and hope nothing bad comes out of this friendship.
And I really want to achieve peace in this New Year.

Sunday, January 06, 2008
0Kisses pour moi
+ + +

I must be feeling darn disturbed to start blogging the 2nd time today.
I know I ought to knock the sense out of my stubborn head for senseless thought plaguing my mind.
But really.. I can't help it but to feel sad for myself.
How many times losing faith has crossed my mind?
Belief in love has become more aptly like a wild delusion nowadays.

The more thought I gave it, the more it appeared in my dream.
What is expected of me when I don't even know what is expected?
Why give me the pitiful longing for attention when I respect the space between us?
Why run when I question about it?
I do not like to play the game of mind farking..
Nonchalance is not what a true man should act.
I should already know what is CMI.
I'm sorry if I scared any of you away.
I'm sorry if I'm a individualist.

I need a breather.
Maybe getting increasing busy is a good thing.
The next few weeks will be a timely period to be away.
I'll be extremely grateful for that.

Sunday, October 07, 2007
0Kisses pour moi
+ + +

The Big D.
The men just don't get it.
I like this phrase.
How sickeningly true can this get?
It's not a deliberate guy bashing post.
But some dudes just leave me exasperated.
I do not like half hearted attempts.
I do not like to be treat of secondary importance.
And I do not stand around to be mind farked.

Saturday, September 29, 2007
0Kisses pour moi
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Loves a good read over a cuppa of coffee. Addicted to all things french for unknown reasons. Shopping is simply in her nature. Loves the adorable doggies and wishes for one to love her back too. Looks forward to expand her lovely bags collection. Dreams to backpack and see the world. Such expensive tastes compels her to work hard to realise her dreams. Loves fresh smell of rain. Can't live without her mascara. Romantic at heart. Loves only people who are worthy of it.

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